About Us

Paris Play is an independent, locally owned family business located in Paris, TX. Paris Play is a place for kids and their parents or guardians to connect outside of home and work.

Paris Play has been meticulously designed to offer a secure and delightful environment for small children. Our facility features padded edging and a cushioned floor to ensure safety during playtime.

With various themed playsets, children have the perfect canvas to let their imaginations run wild. We offer an array of age-appropriate toys, and we are always adding new ones to keep the fun fresh.

We host seasonal holiday activities at no extra cost, and our concession stand provides snacks and drinks for purchase.

At Paris Play, we adore children and are dedicated to ensuring they have the best and most enjoyable experience possible. While we are not a daycare and do not offer drop-off services, we encourage parents to stay and bond with their child. Whether you are actively playing or simply relaxing with a snack and connecting to our guest Wi-Fi, we want you to savor every moment.

Come and play the Paris way!